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Ingatestone's friendly Archery Club
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Site Map
This is a list of all the Web pages on this site.

There are 11 tabs listed on the web-site. Tabs with sub pages are listed below in sections

TAB 1- HOME  brief introduction to the club (stored as 1 about us)

TAB 2 - ABOUT US a more full club information page (stored as 2 its us

TAB 3 - CLUB NEWS as the title suggests (stored as 3 club news)

TAB 4 - CALENDER as the title suggests (stored as 4 CALENDER)

TAB 5- CLUB FORMS master page introducing the sheets available (stored as 5 Club Forms)

   sub tab 1 - Record Claim Form for claiming a club record achieved at a different club(stored as 5-1 Club Claim form)

   sub tab 2 - Multi-Round Score Sheet a page with a simple score sheet to copy (stored as 5-2 Multi-Round Score Sheet)

TAB 6 - RESULTS master page for all club results (stored as 6 Results)

   sub tab 1 - Clout + Stanford results for Competitions (stored as 6-1 Clout + Stanford)

   sub tab 2 - Rayna + FITA results for Competitions (stored as 6-2 Rayna + FITA)

   sub tab 3 - Lagny + American results for Competitions (stored as 6-3 Lagny + American) 

   sub tab 4 - Gordon + Target  results for Competitions (stored as 6-4 Gordon + Target)

   sub tab 5 - Collier + Field  results for Competitions (stored as 6-5 Collier + Field)

   sub tab 6 - Mid-Week results for Competition (stored as 6-6 Mid-Week)

TAB 7 - ARCHERY master page on Archery imformation (stored as 7 Archery)

   sub tab 1 - Archery Basics pictures and descriptions about archery (stored as 7-1 Archery Basics)

   sub tab 2 - Archery Terminology a list of expressions and terms used in the sport (stored as 7-2 Archery Terminology)

   sub tab 3 - Archery Rounds the many rounds that are used in the sport are listed (stored as 7-3 Archery rounds)

TAB 8 - The WHIT - SHOOT about the rounds to be shot and a brief history of the competition (stored as 8 Whit - Shoot)

   sub tab 1 - Details a tab for the competition starting with the announcement (stored as 8-1 Details)

   sub tab 2 - Entry Form as title suggests, you can print and send etc (stored as 8-2 Entry Form)

   sub tab 3 - Target List once entries submitted a list will be produced here is latest list (stored as 8-3 Target List)

   sub tab 4 - Directions Field address and an inter-active map link for directions and Map. (stored as 8-4 Directions)

   sub tab 5 - Results as titled RESULTS posted shortly after competition (stored as 8-5 WS Results)

TAB 9 - Child Protection ................................... (stored as 9-4 Child Protection)

TAB 10 - Contact Us ...................................  ......(stored as 9 Contact Us)

TAB 11 - Site Map


the table below has links to take you to the PAGE requested.


3 Club News4 CALENDAR
5 Club Forms5-1 Club Record Claims Form
5-2 Multi-Round Score Sheet6 - Results
6-1 Clout + Stanford6-2 Rayna + FITA
6-3 Lagny + American6-4 Gordon + Target
6-5 Collier + Field6-6 Mid-Week
7 Archery7-1 Archery Basics
7-2 Archery Terminology7-3 Archery Rounds
8 Whit - Shoot8-1 Details
8-2 Entry Form8-3 Target List
8-4 Directions8-5 WS Results
9 Contact Us9-4 Child Protection
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