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Ingatestone's friendly Archery Club
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We are affiliated to Archery-GB (previously known as GNAS), the current national association of Archery and we adhere to their rules and requirements, especially on Safety, Insurance and Child Protection.
We are a smaller well run friendly Club. During the Clubs history, which dates back to 1953, we have had 3 venue addresses (all in the general area)  and have been at our current venue CM4 0DJ in the centre of Ingatestone since 2000 (or 4 Olympic Games). During the year we pride ourselves on the broad promoted programme covering most aspects and skills in the sport of Archery. 
The Club coaches over it's 50/+ year history, have learnt that every Archer is an individual, and everybody has different requirements; some are naturally gifted whilst others are very competitive and others less so, There are individuals who prefer certain skills better than others. We are fortunate in having among our members a number of distinguished Archery-GB/GNAS (Nationally Qualified) coaches whose chosen aim is to offer a continuous 'coaching and improvement programme'  for those members who want to progress. However, for those who prefer a more casual approach, enjoying the fresh air and good company, with no pressure to improve or achieve, that is also fine with us.
We meet every Sunday throughout the year, the broad programme, as already mentioned, provides the archer with a variety of challenges; the different rounds testing skills and abilities in Clout: a long distance skill - similar to the archers' skills on the battlefields of history, Field:  a club version of traditional hunting which we shoot at unknown distances at targets of varying size and height and lastly Target: the expected target shooting at paper faced targets with the gold centre - at various different sized targets, depending on the known distances.
The competitions include many which are handicapped, but also the full traditional winner takes it all championships (most offering a cup or trophy to the
During the winter months we hold many of our shoots or sessions  indoors, in a Sports hall.  Additionally, during the summer months (April to September), we also meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 o'clock. The main competition at the mid-week sessions (based on handicaps) is called the Mid-Week Challenge trophy, where an averaged scoring system decides the best / most consistent archer during the season.   
So you can see that a novice or a newbie to the sport, can realistically win one of the many club trophies or awards, courtesy of the varied programme of shoots within the club, especially if you include the levelling Handicap Competitions. 
           To find out more please contact, Iris, our Secretary by email.
Click on the WHIT SHOOT tab for information pre or for the results, report, and photos after.

Ingatestone, GBR
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We cater for traditional Long Bow and Recurve (the Olympic Games accepted standard) styles of archery. Principally shooting target rounds but, also during the year, we have trophies for field and clout disciplines, as well as some speciality and novelty events which complete the varied programme.  For most of our in-house events we award annual trophies and medals to the victors.
When enrolling with the club it is necessary to affiliate to the National Governing Body (Grand National Archery Society, commonly referred to as GNAS, although in recent years this Organisation has undergone a name change and is now called ARCHERY GB). This covers your insurance (remember your sport is using a potentially dangerous weapon) and also allows you (if you wish) to enter the many other Club, County, Regional, National and even International competitions. 
As well as competitions based on the straight score achieved, our club also have a number of handicap competitions.  An archer will gain a handicap rating after completing a number of shoots/rounds when they will then be allocated a handicap number.  During the shooting season this will be revised after every score where they have achieved a score which improves their handicap number, i.e. a lower handicap number. This also acts as a gauge to an archer's progress. The lower the number the better you are.
At the start of a handicap competition, all archers taking part are given an allowance appropriate
to their handicap number.  Theoretically, if all archers shoot to their handicap, when their allowance is added, they will finish with a total score of 1440.  Therefore, if an archer with a high handicap shoots a score better than their current handicap, when their allowance is added this will give them a final score above 1440 which would make them the winner of the handicap competition.
This is similar to other sports like Golf etc. In a handicap shoot, this allows competition between archers of varying standards.
If you look on the "WHIT SHOOT" page you will see details of our own annual tournament which, this year, will be held at Belhus Woods County Park, Aveley.  Perhaps a good opportunity for you to come along and see exactly what we do and have a chat with any of our members.
 Introductory Courses

At certain times during the year, we offer "Introduction to Archery" courses for those who live within easy reach of Ingatestone and who may be considering taking up the great sport of archery for their leisure interest.

The Course fee covers tuition, insurance and the use of Club equipment. 


Archery equipment is very much personalised to the individual and, for this reason, it is not advisable for newcomers to the sport to purchase any equipment until they have completed an Introduction course and had the benefit of advice from experienced archers/coaches.


Our Introduction Course comprises 4 x 3 hourly sessions on Sunday mornings from 10.30 am and the dates will be published on our Archery Course page.




We are very lucky to have many well respected County Coaches and Committee members in the club.
Our lady Coach is Iris Major, who is a County Coach, a past President and current Life Vice President of the Essex and Suffolk County Archery Association.
Our gentlemen coaches include Tom Major, who is a past President of the Essex & Suffolk County Archery Association and Kevin Baldwin who has recently passed his Level 1 assessment. 
So you see, we have ample experience to pass on to any prospective archers or to help with the progress of others.