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The Pilgrim Archers

60th Whit Shoot

 1953 – 2018                                                                                                                                                                       1953 – 2018

Tournament sponsored by Candy Stripe Strings who offer each entry a free draw separate from the other raffle prizes


     Tournament date                     assembly                   Sighters                               closing date

   Sunday, 20th May, 2018                10.15 am                   10.30 am                       Tuesday,15th May, 2018 

       LADY PARAMOUNT/GNTLEMAN PATRON               Chairman of Judges                                       Judge

          To be announced later                                 Mr Michael Pearce                                 Mrs Maggie Pearce 


VENUE:      Belhus Woods Country Park, Aveley, RM15 4XJ (by kind permission of West Essex Bowmen).

                  Please note that due to venue restrictions, dogs are not allowed on the archery field.

We would also remind participants that there is a parking fee at this venue.


Rounds:  New Western/Long Western/Western/Short Western/Junior Western/Short Junior Western.Burntwood Western

                                                                                                                                                                           (if required)         Junior qualifying distances: 


Under 18 years

Under 16 years

Under 14 years

Under 12 years

Junior Gentlemen

Long Western = 80/60 yds

Western = 60/50 yds

Sh/Western = 50/40 yds

Jun/Western = 40/30 yds

Junior Ladies

Western = 60/50 yds

Sh/Western = 50/40 yds

Jun/Western = 40/30 yds

Sh/Jun/Western = 30/20 yds


Please note that only Essex & Suffolk archers are eligible for our trophy awards.  However, we will award medals according to entries to visitors outside the County.



Seniors:                      Long Western and/or New Western Rounds only

Team Trophies:          “A” Teams comprising a club’s top 4 scoring archers

                                      “B” Teams comprising the next 4 scoring archers (or part thereof).

Note:  Any club entering not more than 4 archers may only qualify in the “A” Team competition

Senior Individual Trophies:

1st Lady (shooting in Long Western Round only) 1st Gentleman (highest score shooting in the New or Long Western Round only)  All individual entries are eligible.  Thereis no need to participate as part of a team. 

1st Married Couple Trophy (one lady & one gentleman) shooting in the Long Western and/or New Western rounds only.


Juniors: (Recurve only)Highest Junior Lady and Junior Gentleman Trophies (see rounds above)These trophies will be awarded to the highest scoring junior lady and junior gentleman in any of the junior rounds, provided the archer is shooting in the round appropriate to their age group (or above).  Juniors may shoot in the New Western or Long Western rounds for their club’s team.  However, if they wish their individual score also to qualify for the Junior Highest Score award, they should ensure their age is stated in the appropriate column on the entry form. 




Longbow Shields: 1st Lady and 1st Gentleman shooting in the Western round 


Other Discipline Awards: In addition to the above awards, we will also award medals only for Recurve, Compound, Longbow and Barebow in all rounds, subject to entries, and there will also be awards for Best Gold and Worst White. 


Tournament ORGANISERS:  Mrs. Iris Major, 62, Brookdale Avenue, Upminster, RM14 2LT, to whom all entries should be posted.  Other contact details: Telephone: 01708 222179  email address:


Entry Fees:                           Seniors:   £8.00                        Juniors:   £4.00 

Please send completed entry form and payment by the closing date, Tuesday, 15th May, 2018 making cheques payable to The Pilgrim Archers.  For Target Lists and Results Sheets you can either enclose TWO large stamped and self-addressed envelopes or give your e-mail address.  Entry forms can also be downloaded from our website at and the ECAA website.

Catering:  As usual, light refreshments will be available all day but you may wish to bring along your own lunch.



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