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 For your information the centre of the target is called the GOLDand would score 9 points in traditional Imperial rounds.RED scores 7,  BLUE scores 5BLACKscores 3  and WHITE scores 1

Targets at different distances depending on age and round (or competition) the archer is shooting

Pictures taken at a previous Whit-Shoot
Looking at the Waiting Area (the competitors waiting zone), notice the 3 bows in centre. The bow with heels/cams is called a COMPOUND BOW.  The red bow is a competition RECURVE BOW (a hybrid bow of the class we use in our introduction courses) also the class used in the Olympic Games.  Finally, behind, a Traditional all wood LONGBOW.  It differs from the others in that it is a tensioned single section bow, the others usually consist of a solid riser (centre section) and two flexed limbs. You will also notice the colour of clothing white or dark green.
  ARCHERY EXPRESSIONS - just a few very important phrases heard on the shooting line

FAST if heard all archers must STOP SHOOTING immediately and if in the process of preparing to shoot COME DOWN and do not release. Anyone at the shoot can shout if they see a possible danger like a child in the background.

COME DOWN- instruction to stop the act of shooting if in the act of so doing. Releasing the tension safely. Demonstrated

FIELD CAPTAIN- person controlling the shoot, giving commands usually by whistle, their responsibility is to maintain a steady shoot in a safe environment. In other words only shoot with field captain’s permission.

 Equipment related expressions:-


three main types -- Recurve, Compound and Longbow.
Riser- the rigid centre section of the bow, that archer holds and it supports the arrow.
Limbs- the upper / lower part of the bow, they are the flexible working part.
String- tensions the bow to give the power.
Arrow Rest- the part on the riser that supports the arrow.
Nocking Point- on the string, -the marked point that lines an arrow with the bow, through the Arrow Rest to align with the target.

Nock- at back of arrow is a slot usually plastic that connects the arrow to the string.
Fletching- the wing/vane of the arrow, assists the trajectory in flight.
Shaft- the body of the arrow.
Pile- the metal point at the front of the arrow. From Anglo PIL meaning dart.